May 4, 2022

Financial Fridays: Singleton Foundation and Venture Valley

Venture Valley

Financial Fridays: Singleton Foundation and Venture Valley

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By Beth Harris, Head of Game Marketing at The Singleton Foundation

One of the most engaging ways to teach is through play. Understanding the power of play, the Singleton Foundation recently  launched the PC and mobile (iOS and Android) video game, Venture Valley. FREE to download and play (no in-app purchases or ads), this fast-paced business strategy game helps students build financial literacy and business skills.

Free and Engaging School Resources

To help facilitate educators, the Venture Valley video game team and Discovery Education paired up on an FREE educational initiative – Discover Venture Valley – empowering students in grades 6-12 to build financial and business basics. Using a suite of standards-aligned resources, Discover Venture Valley builds and sustains students’ interest in financial literacy by exploring the financial and business basics explored in the Venture Valley game, where students take on the role of a budding entrepreneur.

The game’s competitive esports-style multiplayer play and a single-player campaign give students both a fun outlet to compete with friends in positive ways and practice financial skills and business concepts. Accompanying digital resources – including classroom activities, a video topic series, and educator guides – align to learning standards across multiple disciplines including English language arts, math, business, and financial literacy.

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The Singleton Foundation, the creators of the Venture Valley game and Million Stories,  is dedicated to making financial literacy fun, engaging and accessible to all.  It does this through its recently launched Venture Valley video game and its video storytelling site Million Stories.

  • Venture Valley – This fast-paced business-building strategy video game has 35 unique missions to play alone in a single-player campaign, or against friends and foes in competitive esports-style multiplayer play. Players of Venture Valley learn such principles as investments/dividends, fixed and variable expenses, loans, net vs gross income, and many, many more curriculum topics.

The Venture Valley game is an effective and entertaining vehicle for learning and retaining new information as students go through a series of progressive challenges, achievements and rewards.  The game lets students assess their knowledge for themselves and gives them chances to try new variables and strategies to thoroughly master financial literacy concepts.

  • Million Stories –  A first-of-its-kind digital entertainment channel with acclaimed   content, Millions Stories runs the gamut of subject matter and flavor. Watching other people’s inspiring and sometimes tragic stories might inspire you, make you think,     make you laugh or even make you cry. And yet, underneath it all, every one of Million Stories’ shows has a purpose. Its goal is to get people to care about their finances. Its bite -sized episodes include series like “Adulting with Richard Sherman,” “TipJar” and “Your Brain on Money,” among others, making the concept of personal finance fun and engaging.

Venture Valley and Million Stories are projects of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit public benefit corporation.

Free Fin Lit Venture Valley video game and digital classroom resources from engages students  @DiscoveryEd @VentureVG #Videogame #finlit

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May 4, 2022


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