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Getting Started

Welcome to Venture Valley! Prepare yourself for some intense competition on the road to becoming the greatest entrepreneur in the valley! Don’t worry though, below you will find a quick guide to get you started on your adventure.

How to Play Guide


Understanding Goals

This is the most important part of the game, understanding what you’re actually playing for. Don’t stretch yourself thin though, it’s better to dominate some of the goals then to go for all of them.
how to play 1
As you can see above, you have 3 goals you can aim for but it’s best to focus on just 2. Figure out the best way to achieve your goals and hit the ground running when the game starts.

Buy Land

When the game starts, make sure to rush and purchase property quickly before someone beats you to it. Every second counts so act fast or get stuck playing catchup!
For Sale

Set Your Wages

Pay your workers a good wage so they can work harder for you! Head over to the dashboard and set the employee wages to a reasonable amount and make sure to give them a raise every time your business upgrades.

Pricing and Quality

The last thing you need to do is set your prices, depending on the goal you either want to increase or decrease your prices & quality. You’ll sell less with higher quality products but you’ll make more money. If your goal is to sell more products then set your quality to budget & lower your prices.


Let’s Make A Deck!

Before you can get started, you need to figure out what kind of player you are. Use the demo deck to start off with but then take a whack at making your own deck.

Let’s take a look at the type of cards you’ll see in the Deck Builder:

blowoutsale quick

5 Quick Cards

These cards can be used multiple times in a game but come with a cooldown timer after each use.

befrankpromo boost

5 Boost Cards Including 1 HQ Card

Use these powerful cards carefully, they can only be used once per match.

The 5th chosen boost card will automatically become an HQ card. You only get one of these and for a good reason too. This card has the ability to affect all businesses at once! Choose the most advantageous time to use it though as it is also a once-per-match card.

update2 deck builder boost

If you like giving your business a leg up, add more advantage cards to your deck. But if you like causing havoc to your opponent’s business then make sure to load up on adversity cards.

Research and Development

Some businesses require R&D to rank up to the next level. After setting the wage and price, click on the R&D button on the summary page. You will see how much R&D is needed to rank up, so set your spending accordingly. Be careful though as you will be adding to your expenses by doing so, make sure you don’t go bankrupt by putting too much into R&D.
how to play 2

Marketing Boosts

Some businesses allow for purchasing of marketing boosts, this will be the fourth thing you want to set. There are 2 marketing boosts available per business rank, which can only be applied individually. Keep these boosts active whenever possible for better marketing penetration.

untitled design (4)

Give your Employees a boost of morale

Give your employees a boost as often as you can. Doing so makes the employee’s happy, and a happy employee makes you more money!
research and developement

How to Play Cards

Focus on Advantage quick cards as they will give you the upper hand when getting your businesses started. Adversity quick cards can severely hinder other players so go on the attack and drop them on businesses to shake off the competition. Lastly boosted cards are the most powerful and effective cards in the game, you can only use these once per match so figure out the best time to do so and reap big rewards or bring chaos to your opponent’s business.

update5 (1)

Don’t let your business go into disrepair

How to Play Cards

Pay off Maintenance as soon as it occurs, always apply an employee boost afterwards. If you do not have enough money to repair your business, transfer money from other successful businesses. The longer you wait to fix your business the less money it will make you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

During downtimes when all your businesses are running fine, play around with Wages and Prices to see if you can squeeze out a bit more Revenue / Sales. As the shared market settles you will want to check on your marketing, prices, and wages to find the optimal settings…

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