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The Venture Valley Mentors

Meet the Venture League

In the 21st century, becoming an entrepreneur is open to everybody. The mentors in the Venture League have figured out their own recipe for business success - and they’re here to share what they’ve learned.


With his extensive knowledge in startups and risk management, Trip’s advice in entrepreneurship can transform your small business into a force to be reckoned with.

Trip McCoy grew up in the backwoods of Kentucky: though his birth certificate reads Martin McCoy the 3rd, everyone calls him Trip. Trip’s always gone his own way. At 17, he skipped college and backpacked to New Orleans, hopped a freighter, and sailed the world. He became a self-taught software designer during his adventures, eventually creating an aviation startup that was wildly successful. He then sold his company and moved to Venture Valley to invest in up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Eileen Inn

Some people hold their secrets to success close to their chest—not Eileen. If you want to learn how to succeed in Venture Valley, just go ask her. She’ll answer all your questions with honesty and priceless wisdom.

Eileen comes from a long line of Savannah small-business owners. She grew up working in her family’s restaurants and hotels, then eventually found the time to earn a law degree. Eileen learned early on that she has a unique talent for managing and helping people, so she decided to strike out on her own and opened an HR company in Venture Valley. If you ask her, the keys to her success are outstanding customer service and nurturing great talent.


Ruby now owns her own marketing and PR agency. Businesses across Venture Valley dream of having the chance for Ruby to tell their story.

Ruby has had a passion for writing her whole life. She became a freelance writer at 20, working as a digital nomad for numerous agencies. Though it was a rough start, she used her struggles to learn and master marketing and PR, writing countless successful stories for her clients’ products. Soon, her skills grew until she was attracting the attention of small and large companies alike.


Ira is sharp-minded and quick to a laugh. He enjoys solving financial problems and is always keeping an eye out for the next great business.

Ira Carter attended college in New York before going on to an Ivy League University for his MBA. His initial dream was to become the next great business mogul, but after creating and selling several profitable businesses, Ira turned to investment. He would go on to become one of Venture Valley’s great venture capitalists and money managers, helping numerous startups succeed with his impeccable financial know-how.


Tekky describes himself as a “Genius, Billionaire, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.” Though he thinks in numbers and systems, he is also skilled in teaching others how to use his systematic techniques to advance their businesses and navigate adversities.

Tekky was a science and math prodigy. At 10 years old he published his first mobile game and made millions overnight. He’s had a long career of creating wonders in the world of artificial intelligence and robotics while spearheading the technological revolution in Venture Valley.


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