October 23, 2023

MSN – Singleton Foundation develops video game to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship

Venture Valley

The game is called Venture Valley and was created by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. Students at High Point University gave it a test run.

The foundation wanted to find a way to teach young people about running a successful business.

This esports-style competitive game gives players the opportunity to take on the role of a business owner so they can build their own business. Everything you need to know about starting a business, such as location, pricing even how much to pay your employees, is included. The game is completely free with no ads and is available on Steam for Mac and PC and Apple and Android app stores.

Venture Valley’s producer says the government of Poland wants the game included in their high school curriculum, and he’s hopeful schools here in the U.S. will do the same. High Point University students we talked with said the game takes hard-core economics and makes it fun.

High Point University senior marketing major Roshan Sundar said, “I think people would that maybe aren’t like adhering to sitting in a classroom for hours to be able to just like continually like we do a textbook. This is like a visual thing you can see and you’re competing with other people. So it makes you in tune with wanting to learn about this stuff.”

There’s also real money on the line. Venture Valley is giving away $2,000 to Thursday’s high scorer.


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Venture Valley

October 23, 2023



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