November 15, 2022

Venture Valley Video Game Lets Everyone Be an Entrepreneur

Venture Valley

on National Entrepreneur’s Day


Aspiring Business Owners Experience the Highs and Lows of Company Life in Fast-Paced Game


Los Angeles, CA – November 15, 2022 –  Whether it’s virtual in the Venture Valley game or in real life, there is no better time to be an entrepreneur than on today’s National Entrepreneur’s Day.  This day honoring those who have built businesses from scratch happens during National Entrepreneurship Month (November) and Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 14-20). To get enterprise experience before breaking out on their own, budding company makers can journey in the Venture Valley game, a free fast-paced business simulation game on mobile (iOS and Android) and PC (via Steam).  The game takes players through 35 unique missions in a single-player campaign, or pits them against friends and foes in competitive esports-style multiplayer play. 


Developed by The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, the Venture Valley game has been played over the last year by hundreds of college students who have taken part in tournaments for cash prizes and bragging rights. Most recently the game was featured at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization’s 39th Annual Global Conference & Pitch Competition where one talented attendee won the $10K grand prize. The game also reaches more than 45 million students and 4.5 million educators worldwide through a partnership with the Discovery Education digital platform, and a joint educational initiative called Discover Venture Valley that helps students build financial literacy and business skills through a suite of standards-aligned resources.


“Numerous times we’ve seen how Venture Valley opens up a new way for young adults to engage in entrepreneurship in a medium that they are familiar with, and in a way that entertains as much as it shares valuable information” said Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation.Venture Valley’s fun twists and turns and challenges really give a great overview of what running a business can entail and all of the highs and lows that go with it.”

Venture Valley Gameplay Features:

  • Create and manage more than 16 different businesses from cafes to match-making service, drone deliveries, robot factories and more.
  • Battle other players from around the world in deep multiplayer experiences, or play with friends in custom lobbies.
  • Play more than 35 unique missions set in four locations — Fortune Springs, Mapleburgs, Brickyard, and The Palms.
  • Build, upgrade, and switch out decks of gameplay-enhancing cards to boost your businesses and keep your opponents on their toes with adversity!
  • Get to know and battle a cast of five zany mentor characters on your journey to become the best entrepreneur in The Valley!
  • Customize your avatar, and upgrade your headquarters from a simple RV trailer to a rustic retreat, an elaborate Taj Mahal or even a haunted house.


In Venture Valley entrepreneurs start small with a dog (or llama!) walking business and then, by expanding and investing in new ventures, grow their Valley influence to include mini-golf, pizza parlors, a hovercraft ride-sharing service, a robot factory, and more. Along the way, business owners learn real-world financial and business skills and terms. They also experience all of the challenges of being their own boss, and will need to learn that success breeds competition. Luckily, competitors can be kept in check by strategically creating a custom card deck of boost and adversity cards that can be slammed down during gameplay to bolster a businessperson’s enterprises or leave opponents scrambling. 


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About Venture Valley

Venture Valley is a free (no in-app purchases or ads) PC and mobile (iOS and Android) game. The game is a project of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit with the mission of making financial competence fun and engaging for everyone by using the power of entertainment to capture attention, create change, promote entrepreneurship, and to inspire individual achievement.


About The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship
The mission of The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship is to inspire entrepreneurship and to make financial competence fun, engaging and accessible to all. Our goal is to help give everyone the financial skills they need to better manage their lives and their businesses.


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