Card Play

It’s All In The Cards

Venture Valley lets you turn up the competition with a thrilling in-game card playing system. Outplay your opponents by throwing an Adversity card their way or enhance your business by playing an Advantage card. You will be able to increase your sales, revenue, customer base, or just add cash to your bank by playing an Advantage card. Adversity cards will have the opposite effect and leave your opponent scratching their head thinking of ways to counter the cards you just played. Enjoy building your businesses while tackling real world problems and gaining real world experience.

Advantage Cards

Give yourself an extra edge with these advantage cards and watch your business grow! Strategize how to use the advantage cards to help you reach your goals and bring you riches!

Adversity Cards

Here is where the fun really begins! You can throw obstacles at your opponent to give yourself an edge. Combine Adversity cards with Advantage cards to give you the ultimate leg up on the competition. Matching the right Adversity and Advantage card can ensure you a swift victory.

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